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  • 【Dead Stock】Camouflage Field cargo pants


    生地:50sイギリス軍 コットン100%  デッドストック


    M/L ウエスト〜82cm ヒップ107cm 股上32cm 股下66.5cm
    XL ウエスト〜88cm  ヒップ111cm 股上32cm 股下73cm


    - Color: Camo
    - Cotton 100%
    Made with 50s British military deadstock fabric lying idle in a factory.
    *Limited quantity available.

    - Original M-51 silhouette of military reconstructed by AMBERGLEAM.
    - Thick and firm cotton.
    -Size adjustable with belt loops and an elastic waistband inside.
    - Front open, adjustable buttonholes, hems with drawcords.
    - Big gusset pockets.
    - Striking long pocket straps.
    - Camo trench coat in same material available.

    Wash separately, no dryer, the color might bleed.

    M/L Waist ~82cm, Hip 107cm, Rise 32cm, Inseam 66.5cm
    XL Waist ~88cm, Hip 111cm, Rise 32cm, Inseam 73cm


    *Tax included.

    *Limit of 2 per order.

    *Shipping fee is not included.More information

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